DAC Systems

A technology company specializing in producing high-quality systems providing IT solutions.

Scope of work: Logo / Visual Identity / Web Design / Stationery

In association with 2advance

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Adam Nowak / CEO
DAC Systems - Business card
DAC Systems - Logo
Techniczny i korporacyjny styl znaku połączyliśmy z unikalną typografią.
DAC Systems - Concept, Idea
DAC Systems - Visual Identity
DAC Systems - Sign Construction
We have expanded the identification system with the ability to modify the symbol. Thanks to this, we were able to create dedicated symbols for selected business lines or departments, without losing overall recognition.
DAC Systems - Logo Versions
In brand guide we have use the symbol as an additional graphic element located in the bottom corner.
DAC Systems - Notebook
DAC Systems - A4 Letterhead
DAC Systems - Leash
DAC Systems - Envelope
DAC Systems - Corporate Presentation Slides
DAC Systems - Website

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