KOKO Kombucha

Full visual identity and packaging design for a company creating traditional kombucha - a probiotic drink made in the process of tea fermentation.

Scope of work: Logo / Visual Identity / Packaging / Print / Web Design
Live Version
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Adam Nowak / CEO
KOKO Kombucha - Bottle Labels & Business Cards
KOKO Kombucha - Logo on a Dark Background
KOKO Kombucha - Animated Logo on a Light Background
KOKO Kombucha - Presentation of the Concept
KOKO Kombucha - Description of an Idea
KOKO Kombucha - Visual Identity, RWD Website, Business Card
KOKO Kombucha - Brand Guide, Icon System
KOKO Kombucha - Poster Original
KOKO Kombucha - Social Media Graphic Original
KOKO Kombucha - Label Original
KOKO Kombucha - Social Media Graphic Ginger
KOKO Kombucha - Poster Ginger
KOKO Kombucha - Label Ginger
KOKO Kombucha - Poster Yerba
KOKO Kombucha - Social Media Graphic Yerba
KOKO Kombucha - Label Yerba
KOKO Kombucha - Business Card
KOKO Kombucha - Leaflet A5
KOKO Kombucha - Mugs
KOKO Kombucha - Bottle Caps
KOKO Kombucha - Website Mockup
KOKO Kombucha - Website
KOKO Kombucha - Mobile Versions of the Website

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