Tomasz Marzec

Author of books, personal trainer, a business psychologist who writes and trains about relationships, self-confidence, personal efficiency and business.

Scope of work: Logo / Visual Identity / Web Design / Print
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Adam Nowak / CEO
Tomasz Marzec - Logo presentation
Tomasz Marzec - Logo Construction, Letter Arrangement
As suggested, we had to make sure that the logo was not too long. For this purpose, we used the natural arrangement of letters which helped to obtain a unique composition in overall.
Tomasz Marzec - Business card
When creating the sign, we tried to maintain simplicity, and one of our main goals was to achieve originality despite the minimalist form.

We finally choose to use a signature as an additional accent, which is something very individual and fits well in the space of personal identification.
Tomasz Marzec - Logo Construction
Tomasz Marzec - Colors
We have created several variants of the logo depending on the context of use.
Tomasz Marzec - Various Logo Variants
Tomasz Marzec - Various Logo Variants
Tomasz Marzec - Book Mockup
Tomasz Marzec - Typography
Tomasz Marzec - Notebook
Tomasz Marzec - Visual Identity
Tomasz Marzec - Free AudioBook
Tomasz Marzec - Logo
Tomasz Marzec - Pens
Tomasz Marzec Show - Podcast Cover Design
Tomasz Marzec Show - Podcast Cover Design Mockup

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